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CCR Compensation Consulting was founded in 1983 and provides executive compensation, strategic compensation planning, and compensation survey consulting services to management. 

We emphasize innovative thinking and technical excellence, and provide the highest quality of client service through the genuine, hands-on involvement of senior professionals in all projects.


Executive Compensation

Our staff design stock option plans, performance share plans, stock bonus plans, long-term cash incentive plans and other innovative executive compensation arrangements that promote the creation of shareholder value.

We also provide reviews, opinions and recommendations regarding the market competitiveness of executive compensation arrangements where doubt exists about their effectiveness.

Strategic Compensation Planning

Our staff conduct compensation audits and reviews for clients, and provide strategic recommendations that assist them in reaching their compensation objectives.

We design innovative merit pay salary administration programs that enable our clients to more effectively link pay and performance.

Our staff work with clients in the design of annual performance incentive programs and profit share arrangements for management and non-management staff.

We assist clients in the design and implementation of job description and job evaluation programs that ensure that internal pay equity is achieved.

Compensation Surveys and Research

Our staff design and conduct confidential cash and non-cash compensation surveys on behalf of individual clients.

We work with both trade associations and membership associations in the design of specialized compensation surveys for their members.

Our staff also conduct annual or periodic industry-sponsored compensation survey programs. In recent years, these have included such fields as: banking, broadcasting, cable television, management consulting, public accounting, restaurant and food services, and reinsurance.



MARK LERNER is President of CCR.

E-mail:  mlerner@ccrconsulting.com

Mark Lerner established CCR in 1983.  Overall, Mark has more than 40 years of compensation consulting experience.

His consulting expertise covers a broad range of compensation concerns, including:

Strategic Compensation Planning

Executive Compensation

Performance Planning

Position Evaluation

Sales Compensation


SUSAN MARSHALL is a Senior Consultant with CCR.   

E-mail:  smarshall@ccrconsulting.com

Susan joined CCR in 1984, and she has more than 30 years of compensation consulting experience.

Previously, she held a number of positions in the business communications field, including that of Managing Editor of a national business magazine, and Consultant with a marketing communications firm.

Susan directs CCR's work in specialized surveys and compensation research.  

Her broader consulting expertise is focused on:

Compensation Planning

Salary Administration

Position Evaluation and Pay Equity